Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Long Range SLBM for India

Intercontinental SLBM for India

Need of A Submarine Launched Intercontinental Ballistic Missile for India ?

 Long Range SLBM - an Ultimate Deterrent 

The Indian Strategic force's as of Now do not Possess an Active SLBM.The K-15 SLBM with a range of Over 800 Km is under Production.With Induction of INS Arihant - the Lone SSBN that India Possess as of now and the K-15 Missile's,India will complete it's Nuclear Triad with Ability of Launching a Nuclear Warhead from Land,Air,Sea.But How Effective will this Triad be ? the K-15 with such a short range will it Contribute to the Triad when it come's to Maintaining deterrent against Arch-Rival China ?
Let Alone China,The K-15 Lack's the punch even when it come's to Pakistan.Thus,the development of K-4 SLBM with a range of 3,500 km and another Rumoured development of A-6 SLBM with a Range of over 6,000 Km.

India is currently Working on 2 more Arihant class SSBN's and will have an Option to build more.Nuclear Submarine's are more safer Basing option for Nuclear Missile's because of it's ability to Move and stay submerged for long duration of time when Compared to land Based Missiles.Another advantage of SLBM's is Difficulty it present to enemy surveillance, detection, and defensive systems.The soon to be tested A-5 ICBM will Cover the distant Chinese Cities If fired from North India.So it doesn't make sense to work on Further development of Long range Land based Missile's rather than Submarine Launched one's.
Along it's Advantage's there are Some Disadvantage's of SLBM.The main Advantage of such Submarine lies in it's ability to hide,But in case a "Boomer" is detected,It's effectiveness in Launching a Missile fade's away until it evades enemy Surveillance system again.Another advantage is to carry out Quieter operation while submerged under Water.

Consider a Situation where a Long range SLBM with over 10,000 Km Range deployed on a Arihant class "Boomer" submerged Somewhere Near African coast in the Indian ocean or Somewhere near South of Indonesia in the Indian ocean can Target Distant Chinese Cities like Shanghai.

To met the goal of an "Ultimate Deterrent Force", the Indian strategic force's need to Possess a "Long Range Intercontinental Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile" with 3-10 MIRV/MARV Warhead's.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Upgrading the Sukhoi into "Super Sukhoi"

Upgrading the Sukhoi into "Super Sukhoi"

 The Upgrade's meant for Sukhoi 30 in IAF , turning it into a Multirole Air Dominance Next generation Fighter

1.Sukhoi's will be Integrated with BrahMos Cruise Missile , Nirbhay Cruise Missile will be Integrated further as well - Only Limited Sukhoi's will be integrated with this Cruise Missile's.The Long range Cruise Missile is Planned as well.

2.Zhuk-AESA Radar - Radar planned for “Super Sukhoi 30 “will be Russian Phazotron Zhuk-AE Active Electronically Scanned Array AESA radars. The X-band radar can track 30 aerial targets in the track-while-scan mode and engage six targets simultaneously in attack mode. An alternative AESA is available for the Super 30 in the form of Tikhomirov’s NIIP. Which was an experimental AESA revealed at MAKS 2009.

3.A New Cockpit with Advanced Avionics

4.Integration of "Astra" BVRAAM

5.Brand New Multi-Function Displays AND head-up display to be provided by SAMTEL,India

6.Novator K-100 "The AWACS -Killer Missile" to be Armed on Sukhoi's

7.Electronic Warfare suit

8.To reduce Radar cross section[RCS] of the Sukhoi 30 , Airframe will get several structural changes to the airframe to reduce its radar signature , airframe will also get special radar absorbing paint coat to further reduce its RCS.

Some of the Requirement's that may fit in Indian Army "Future Main Battle tank"
1.Explosive Reactive Armour which can Provide effective Protection from Various Projectiles and Missile Warheads
2.1800 Horse Power Indigenous engine.
3.Further They are Looking for a Hybrid Engine Technology where Tank will have 2 Engine - one for Low Power Need and One for High Power which can Lead to efficient Utilization of fuel.
4.Some stealth Characteristics should be Integrated - Paint or Material which can Limit the detection of Tank by Visibility or Infrared sensors.
5.Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system
6.A secure Data Transmission and Audio/video Communication System
7.Infrared detectors, laser warning, radar warning Systems
8.Signature Management Measures should be carried out During Designing the tank,Which can Add to Stealth features along Camo.
9.The IR,Laser Warning and Radar Warning Systems should Discriminate Between Friend and foe and Whether the Weapon Threatening the tank is Missile,Rocket or Other projectiles.
10.The High/Medium Level Laser Kill System
11.120 mm Smoothbore Gun
12.A 50 Tonne Tank
13.R&D for active suspension to replace hydro-pneumatic suspensions

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Here come's Rafale

Here come's Rafale - 

Some latest Update on the MMRCA 

1.British P.m Urges India to change its decision over Rafale to EFT , says "Typhoon is Super Aircraft than Rafale "
2. Negotiation's over Deal will commence within Next 15 day's 
3.Deal to be signed after end of Indian Fiscal year i.e March 31 , Negotiation's may continue post the date too and may continue till 6 to 9 Months.
4. Rafale was preferred because of lower costs, and the Indian Air Force's familiarity with French warplanes such as the Mirage.