Tuesday, 25 October 2011

 It has been reported from Indian defence ministry source that Russian Mi-28N Night Hunter has lost a tender on the delivery of 22 attack helicopters to the Indian military in strong competition with the American AH-64D Apache.

Mi-28N did not meet the requirements of the tender on 20 positions, while the Apache showed better performance

No Official Confirmation yet

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Gripen Makes Yet Another Pitch for MMRCA

 Just weeks Before MMRCA Result may be Out , Gripen - one of the Eliminated Fighter has made yet another Pitch for MMRCA citing its Low Life Cycle cost , A perfect choice for Indian air force.see the Advertisement above in one of the Magazines ;)

Dhruv undergoes combat trials at Pokhran

The Armed Version of ALH Dhruv is Undergoing Combat Trials at Pokhran Firing range since Last One Week.

The weaponised Version Renamed as HAL Rudra Will be Armed With Turret Gun,Rocket,Air To Air And Air To Ground Missiles Weapon System.

Bofors reloaded: Defence ministry stung again

NEW DELHI: Allegations of kickbacks paid to middlemen in purchase of Bofors artillery guns led to one of the worst electoral defeats for Congress party in the late 80s, and since then the Army has been unable to purchase even a single new artillery gun for over the past 25 years.

But there is a yet unheard of twist to the Bofors scam, it now emerges. Sources said the blame for Army's stalled artillery modernization may lie closer home, with the government sitting on the transfer of technology that permits India to manufacture the Bofors gun in the country.

As the military top brass desperately look around for solutions to the crippling shortage of artillery guns, they stumbled upon the fact that India actually has the entire drawings of the Bofors guns, and had paid for the transfer of technology to manufacture the gun in India. But the Ordnance Factory Board sat on the drawings all these years, never attempting to make the gun in India.

A senior official, not very amused at the turn of events, told TOI that they have now asked OFB to manufacture six prototypes of the Bofors artillery guns within the next 18 months. "If we had indigenous capability, then all these years of effort to buy foreign guns and such crippling shortage in capabilities wouldn't have been there," he said.

Once they are ready, the Army would put them through extensive field trials and once cleared, OFB could then resort to mass production, one of the officials said.

This is Epic Failure of Our Defence Ministry

'Sarang' Helicopter Display Team

Highlights From UV Asia 2011

All IAF helicopters in UN mission withdrawn: Air Chief

Indian Air Force has withdrawn all of its Mi-17 and Mi-35 attack helicopters deployed in the UN missions in Congo and Sudan to provide support for anti-naxal and other humanitarian operations in the country.

The IAF had deployed around 20 Mi-17s and over 10 Mi-35 helicopters in the UN operations which were providing close air support to the ground troops operating in the two trouble torn countries.


Indo - Uk Naval Excercise Off Konkan Coast


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

R.I.P Baldev Singh

India On way to Launch Global Process to Ban N-Weapons

India is mulling launching a new global process to prepare the way for a legal ban on nuclear weapons, Rajya Sabha member Mani Shankar Aiyar has said at a meeting of a global advocacy group in Los Angeles.

Speaking at the Global Zero Summit yesterday, he made a strong pitch for start of multilateral negotiations for elimination of nuclear weapons and made suggestions based on a report he had prepared on Rajiv Gandhi's 1988 Action Plan for a Nuclear-Weapons Free and non-violent World Order.

"...In effect, India will be launching a new global process to prepare the way for a legal ban on nuclear weapons," he said referring to the report he presented to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in August.

The 284-page report outlines a seven-point roadmap, including India reiterating its commitment to eliminating its own arsenal as part of a universal, non-discriminatory and verifiable global process and promoting delegitimising of nuclear weapons to set the stage for "negotiating Nuclear Weapons Convention that would discuss a world without nuclear weapons in a specified time frame".
FILED ON: OCT 12, 2011

US Navy's Stealth Drone Takes Flight

Northrop Grumman, the X-47B is a tailless, strike fighter-sized unmanned aircraft designed to take off from and land on moving aircraft carriers at sea.X-47B can carry two 2000-lb bombs.

Naval War Games Close to china Beneficial : Antony

‘The several joint maritime exercises with have had with regional navies in South China Sea, East China Sea and the Western Pacific have brought benefits,’ Defence Minister A.K. Antony said while addressing a conference of Indian Navy commanders.

‘Although reaching out to our extended neighbourhood is important, you must always be mindful of the core area of your responsibility that mainly includes preserving and strengthening our shorelines and coastal security.’ he said.
Antony also pointed out that India had the ability to be a potent and stabilising force in the Indian Ocean region with major international shipping lanes passing closer to its island territories.
He noted that Indian Navy had been ‘mandated to be a net security provider to island nations in the Indian Ocean region,’ apart from assuring India’s maritime neighbours that the South Asian giant will provide ‘unstinted support for their security and economic prosperity’.
‘Most of the major international shipping lanes are located along our island territories. This bestows on us the ability to be a potent and stabilising force in the region,’ Antony said.
‘We assure our maritime neighbours of our unstinted support for their security and economic prosperity,’ he added.

On Coastal Security He said "
‘We have taken several measures to strengthen our coastal security. Our maritime forces are capable of protecting our maritime frontiers. However, this should not lead to a feeling of complacency.’
He went on to say that ‘isolated incidents, which though directly did not pose a challenge to maritime security, highlighted the need to further strengthen our coastlines and maritime security’.
He also emphasised the need to replicate coastal security exercises with all stakeholders ‘as frequently as possible’.
On other issues and challenges facing the navy, Antony said piracy was ‘a continuing cause’ of major concern, but noted that ‘the international community as a whole needs to do a lot more collectively’.

MMRCA Result By November - Air Chief

IAF chief Air Chief Marshal Norman Browne today said the two final commercial bids in the Medium Multirole Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) -- from Dassault for the Rafale and EADS for the Typhoon -- will be opened by the end of this month.

The Bidding Process may take 2-4 Weeks , Decision will be made By November End.

HAL Chief Test Pilot Kills Self

A Sad and Shocking News.HAL's chief test pilot (fixed wing) and recently made Director (Corporate Planning & Marketing) Squadron Leader (Retd) Baldev Singh Commited Suicide On 9th Of October.

Sqn Ldr Singh took over as Director (Corporate Planning & Marketing) at HAL in August.
Reason Behind Suicide Not Known Yet. R.I.P


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